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Noun1.Winfred - (Roman Catholic Church) Anglo-Saxon missionary who was sent to Frisia and Germany to spread the Christian faithWinfred - (Roman Catholic Church) Anglo-Saxon missionary who was sent to Frisia and Germany to spread the Christian faith; was martyred in Frisia (680-754)
Church of Rome, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Church, Western Church, Roman Catholic - the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy
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The 2017 World Cross Country Universal relay gold medallist Winfred Mbithe and 2015 World Relay medley relay silver medallist Selah Jepleting are also in the race.
Winfred Lichuma asks important questions about the tensions between religious freedom and gender rights--is a secular state a panacea for women?
5ha of Winfred - a cross between kale and a stubble turnip - at Green Lane Farm, Broughton.
Janna Ryan's grandfather, Reuel Winfred Little, was a self-made millionaire who created a fortune by inventing a type of injector used to poison trees and made separate fortunes in legal work, the redevelopment of military housing and the oil and gas industries, the (http://articles.
She met an American, Winfred Blaylock, who married her.
The Freshfields team consisted of partner Winfred Knibbeler, counsel Job van der Pol, senior associate Alvaro Pliego Selie and associates Noor Blauw and Max Immerzeel.
Former Australian diplomat and author Winfred Peppinck has always had a love of writing.
Winfred Amoah, a receptionist there, is reported as saying Simpson-Kent signed in as Danquah Paul Kofi.
The best players in the world are coming for this event," said the Macau-based Poker King Club CEO Winfred Yu during yesterday's official launch at the Eclipse inside the swanky Solaire gaming haven.
Engineering the Everyday and the Extraordinary also highlights the technological contributions of several pioneers of engineering, such as Benjamin Franklin, George Westing house, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, ASME Past President Winfred M.
Es el momento en que se redefine el libro que va a seguir que seguramente sera otro producto, donde la idea de consumo es la misma, pero la relacion de pertenencia es otra", dijo Winfred Bahrle, disenador de Circulo de Lectores Galaxie .
The authors are affiliated as follows: Winfred Arthur, Jr.