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Police called to the scene of the disturbance confirmed that a cyclist broke off a wing mirror before riding off.
JORDAN King found himself out of luck as the 2011 Formula Renault UK Championship visited Silverstone - with a wing mirror and an ambitious rival scuppering his chances of a podium finish.
The high court in Edinburgh was told Mr Alford confronted O'Neill and Milroy after they had knocked the wing mirror off his car near his Paisley home last May.
AN OUTRAGED mum last night pleaded for help to find the callous driver who knocked her teenage daughter off a bike - but only stopped to pick up his wing mirror.
No longer will motorists be able to ask, "What do you call a wing mirror for a Skoda?" and answer, "a fair swap".
James Stones, aged 12, of Cumberland Way, Bolton upon Dearne, near Rotherham, suffered serious facial injuries including a twin fracture of the jaw after he was hit by the wing mirror of a Ford Transit van.
"At first I thought my car had been targeted and whoever did it wanted a Zafira wing mirror.
A MAN helped his friend drink spirits he'd brought back from his holiday - then kicked a car wing mirror.
It is alleged Fitzgerald pursued and struck Mr Webb with his silver Ford Focus after the cyclist damaged his passenger-side wing mirror.
The wing mirror came off the Ford car after the collision.
He fleeces unsuspecting motorists out of pounds 60-pounds 80 a time by telling them they have damaged his wing mirror.
Kade Inglis, 22, had travelled from Wales to visit friends in Glaisdale Avenue when he had his wing mirror kicked off.