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The windscreen was smashed and wing mirror damaged.
During the first incident, her wing mirror clipped the wing mirror of a Citroen Picasso coming in the opposite direction.
The couple had their car damaged after the incident on Friday, August 18, after a man got out of his car at red lights and "smashed" the wing mirror off their Mercedes.
Sally Baker said she was nearly dragged from her horse by the Transit's wing mirror as the driver tried to squeeze past the group in Pikers Lane, Hawkes End.
UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has cancelled a day of campaigning in Essex after the party battle bus had a wing mirror knocked off.
This replacement wing mirror is made in EEC with high quality convex mirror glass it comes with strong and durable adhesive backing that can be applied straight on top of any existing damaged mirror glass or backing/base plate ( glass holder ), Providing a quick and easy solution.
The driver was seen to get out of the vehicle and check their nearside wing mirror before driving off again towards the Central Link Road.
POLICE want to speak to a man after the plastic cover was stolen from a BMW's wing mirror.
WingAware is a highly-visible device which slots into a vehicle's door and protrudes slightly further than the wing mirror.
A North Wales Police spokeswoman said one of the cars had its wing mirror completely smashed while others were damaged.
I've also had a letter from the foreign manufacturer telling me that a design fault has just been spotted and that something has been wrong with the wing mirror motor ever since it rolled off the production line.
VOLKSWAGEN have announced a raft of changes to the Passat, including wing mirror indicators.