Wing stroke

the stroke or sweep of a wing.

See also: Wing

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The wishbone or furcula is flexible and stores energy released during the wing stroke.
A single wing stroke usually produces one pulse of sound (Josephson & Halverson 1971), with one wing cycle producing a pulse on both the opening and closing of the forewings (Morris & Walker 1976).
The researchers therefore proposed that the hummingbird's two wings form bilateral vortex loops during each wing stroke, which is advantageous for maneuverability.
I'VE recently been discharged after two months from Cardiff's West Wing Stroke Unit and I can't thank the staff enough, from the doctors, nurses and members of the physio department.
But when the females did respond, the researchers witnessed a "striking display" -- a flashing wing stroke, up and away from the body.
In the second part of their study, a year after discovering the females' wing stroke behavior, they played back five songs to which the females had wing-stroked, plus those that preceded and followed the five songs, to six females from the first experiment.
The physics-based simulator models the RoboBee and the instantaneous aerodynamic forces it faces during each wing stroke. As a result, the model can accurately predict RoboBee's motions during flights through complex environments.
Mexico sits only a few wing strokes away from this park, across the Rio Grande.