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Amidst these is a pure psych trance track, "Living Large," which mingles the voices of Apollo astronauts (busy doing wingdings on the lunar surface in the lunar rover) with the sound of a frenetic Earthbound livestock auctioneer.
I was at another GunWriter Group-Grope--one of those wingdings put on by arms and ammo makers where a buncha real gunwriters and a couple fellow hacks like me are invited to burn up a ton of somebody else's ordnance and fondle their firearms.
Wingdings was the tip of feathers touching the bare skin of his soles.
Most TV news stations have templates filled with more wingdings than a Geocities website circa 1996.
Two stimuli from the Wingdings font were used as contextual cues for Same and Opposite, respectively.
I have also been known to unscrew a thingie without checking first to see whether I have any suitable wingdings into which to fit it.
to vaporize all and sundry down to a molecular level and comes with Phlogiston canisters, cleaning apparatus and wingdings, so that you may commence atomizing Moon Soldiers or neighborhood dogs at your earliest convenience."
Another story claimed that typing the number of one hijacked flight - Q33NY - in Microsoft's Wingdings typeface produced a plane, two buildings, a skull and crossbones and the Star of David.
Viewing the letters Q33NY in Wingdings font in Microsoft Word to see a 'prediction' of the disaster - false, because Q33NY was a madeup number and not, as claimed, the registration number of one of the hijacked aircraft.
For instance, I had en email suggesting that by viewing the letters Q33NY in Wingdings font in Microsoft Word I would see a "prediction" of the disaster.