n.1.Power or skill in flying.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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My hope is for this wingmanship to pass onto other Airmen working with us to become a better and more cohesive unit during our time here and maintain long-lasting professional relationships for years to come.'
However, the closer the team got to the summit, the more the climbers learned that safety wasn't just a matter of good risk management decisions and wingmanship. They also had to find a way to avoid getting stalled behind the slower and lesser experienced climbers, especially near the dangerous Hillary Step, which has a tendency to get crowded.
My fellow MAJCOM safety directors can continue to rely on ACC Safety's wingmanship as we shepherd Operational Safety initiatives across all 26 aircraft fleets in ACC's lead command portfolio.
The pillars of Airman Resilience mental/emotional, physical, social and spiritual--became vital to Kendra's arsenal, along with healthy doses of humor, faith and wingmanship.
We CAN meet and surpass these goals if we practice sound risk management and good wingmanship!
More disturbing is the fact that neither member practiced good wingmanship by calling knock-it-off.
It gave me a sense of pride to see this level of adherence to discipline and wingmanship demonstrated amongst the Airmen.
As we begin a new fiscal year, now is the time to have all our airmen practice good wingmanship and stay vigilant to protect themselves, their families, and coworkers from harm.
wingmanship to make a difference in taking the war to the enemy.
Personnel Risk Management and Wingmanship are essential elements to a proactive safety culture.
As we enter the Critical Days of Summer, we need to ensure all our personnel are in tune with Personal Risk Management and Wingmanship. Last year's Critical Days of Summer was the best ever experienced.