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 (wĭn′ə-pĭ-gō′sĭs), Lake
A lake of southwest Manitoba, Canada, west of Lake Winnipeg. It drains southward into Lake Manitoba.


(Placename) Lake Winnipegosis a lake in S Canada, in W Manitoba. Area: 5400 sq km (2086 sq miles)


(ˌwɪn ə pɪˈgoʊ sɪs)

Lake, a lake in S Canada, in W Manitoba, W of Lake Winnipeg. 2086 sq. mi. (5405 sq. km).
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These Leases include a deposit which was evaluated in a National Instrument 43-101 ("NI 43-101") Technical Report ("Richardson Resource Estimate") that estimates an inferred resource of approximately 683 million tonnes of crush rock aggregate resource situated within Winnipegosis Formation dolostone.
Northwest of Lake Manitoba are Lake Winnipegosis and Dauphin Lake, both renowned as diving duck locales, though each stages impressive numbers of ducks of many species.
The next year the line was extended to Winnipegosis."
From there, Pilcher went south to Moose Lake Post, near the head of Lake Winnipegosis, then south-east to Fort Garry and Brandon House.
Gasoline fraction gas chromatograms and saturate fraction gas chromatograms (GFGCs, and SFGCs) characterizing Birdbear oil indicate two sources; Lower Bakken Member and Winnipegosis (3).
Population, diet and reproductive success of the Double-crested Cormorants breeding on Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba, in 1987.
A faithful member, respected elder of Knox, Winnipegosis, Man., Onie was honoured and recognized for her work, diligence, honour and devotion by the Presbyterian Church in Canada in its centennial year.
The Secondary Target: The deeper Oil Prospective Winnipegosis carbonate reef feature is similar in structural orientation and interpretation to the prolific Redwater field approx 4 miles away.
And they also play for a boys' team, the Winnipegosis Tigers, who are based about 100 kilometres away.
Folks living on Lake Manitoba and Winnipegosis Lake hadn't seen a canoe come through since 1976.
The largest of these is Lake Winnipeg (23,750 [km.sup.2]); others are Lakes Manitoba and Winnipegosis, and Lake of the Woods.