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(wɪnˈtɛl) ,
adj. Informal.
of or designating a computer that uses a microprocessor made by Intel Corporation and any of the Windows operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation.
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SunGard MRP provides a cross-discipline team with experts in each area of Florida Hospital's complex network of IT systems which includes a mainframe, UNIX, Linux, WinTel and VMware environments.
The alliances points to a cooling of relations between Intel and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), whose alliance dubbed Wintel had been instrumental for the worldwide adoption of the personal computer.
"Companies are increasingly realizing that Wintel scale-out is only part of the answer to today's IT workloads, and that Linux should be part of the mix, due to manageability and cost savings that can be made," said Clive Longbottom, Service Director, Business Process Analysis, Quocirca LTD.
The market share of Wintel's platform will decrease from nearly 50 percent of last year to 30 percent or less in 2014.
Microsoft's new approach marks the end of Intel's hegemony on Windows systems, sometimes referred to as 'Wintel,' which set the standard in early computing.
The deal could jeopardize Microsoft s partnership with Intel, called Wintel. Historically, Intel supported Mac, Linux and the like, Microsoft supported other x86 manufacturers such as VIA, AMD and Cyrix as well as non-x86 manufacturers like Alpha and MIPS.
The typical corporate Wintel server runs at less than 10% utilisation, consuming around 500 watts.
<p>Former PC World VP and editor-in-chief Harry McCracken writes at his Technologizer site that the accelerated battery drain is the inevitable "stiff tax" of virtualization software such as VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop and OpenOSX's WinTel. <p>But the vampire-like draining also afflicts users running Windows on Macs without virtualization, using Apple's Boot Camp software.
It runs on standard Wintel servers and interfaces directly with SIP trunks from the PSTN, or with any SIP or H.323 media gateway.
Prior to joining Swets as CFO in May 2005, van Elsloo was an independent consultant and interim manager for Royal Swets & Zeitlinger; Sanoma Publishers B.V.; Novaxess B.V.; Wintel Corp., Inc.; and LandTel NV.
Tony Bell and Anthony Wintel hit hat-tricks for Mauretania in the 6-0 defeat of Lord Clyde in F Division.