Barbarea vulgaris

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Noun1.Barbarea vulgaris - noxious cress with yellow flowersBarbarea vulgaris - noxious cress with yellow flowers; sometimes placed in genus Sisymbrium
Barbarea, genus Barbarea - biennial or perennial herbs of north temperate regions: winter cress
weed - any plant that crowds out cultivated plants
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In the Winter Rocket Under-Eight League, there were wins for Burnside Utd Bears (4-3 over Seaton Burn Youth), Whitley Bay (4-0 against Longbenton) and Coast Soccer (10-1 over AFC Killingworth).
Winter Rocket is still learning the ropes, but there is plenty of scope and, if coming forward as most pups do, it may be only a matter of time before she is giving her rivals a start and a beating.
5 El Cantor (m) (Mullins, Wstow) 6 Winter Rocket (w) (Miller, Rhse)