Winter apple

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an apple that keeps well in winter, or that does not ripen until winter.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Beard was an old woman, with a race all wrinkled and ruddy like a winter apple, and the figure of a young girl.
His nose and chin were sharp and prominent, his jaws had fallen inwards from loss of teeth, his face was shrivelled and yellow, save where the cheeks were streaked with the colour of a dry winter apple; and where his beard had been, there lingered yet a few grey tufts which seemed, like the ragged eyebrows, to denote the badness of the soil from which they sprung.
Bright-red Baldwins are a hardy winter apple, useful in cider-making.
Mom said they were a good winter apple, which meant they kept over the winter without going bad.
THE CAMEO APPLE MARKETING ASSOCIATION, based in Wenatchee, Wash., is introducing a promo kit to help retailers drive winter apple sales.
offered bath fizzer sets in a variety of seasonal scents that included gingerbread, vanilla sugar and winter apple.
I've seen descriptions of the Ben Davis as once being the South's leading winter apple, yet here in New England it's a disappointing hardball.
Unless the buds get frosted they fail to mature and after a mild winter apple trees set poor flowers.
Jonathan: brilliant red with crisp, tender, often red-tinged flesh; both sweet and tart, aromatic; winter apple; good for eating and cooking.
Amid the forged documents and concealed identities, he still manages to conjure things like the meal a well-to-do couple traveling through the Belgian countryside might have eaten in1941: radishes, salted beef tongue, "some kind of white, waxy cheese," dried winter apples, and a loaf of bread.
One gave off the stench of an old billy-goat, another, the odor of an empty milk-jug, a third the juice of winter apples stored in a cellar.