Winter barley

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a kind of barley that is sown in autumn.

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Cropping comprises winter wheat, spring barley for malting, seed potatoes, vining peas, and winter barley, which is grown for seed for Simpsons Malt at Berwick.
At Pitgaveny we harvested winter barley in almost ideal conditions with yields of 3.5 tonnes per acre coming off at 15% moisture - if anything, a bit dry for cattle feed.
It's dreadful to take an entire crop of winter barley away."
Driverless tractors were used to sow winter barley in a one square hectare plot.
It began in 2016, and a successful crop of winter barley was harvested at the university's campus near Newport in September 2017.
At the same time, winter wheat was sown on 75,700 hectares of lands, winter barley - 7,400 hectares, the statement said.
Lower Eyton grows winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley and forage maize on soils that range from heavier clay soils by Bangor on Dee racecourse to silt and sand nearer the River Dee.
The winter barley harvest is predicted to be down 15 per cent to 345,000 tonnes and wheat yields are forecast to be seven per cent lower at 953,000 tonnes.
The estimated winter barley yield is 7.5 tonnes/hectare, compared to 7.2 tonnes/hectare in 2014 and the 10-year average of 6.5 tonnes/hectare.
The winter barley harvest has been completed, with 696A 000 tonnes of grain collected and an average yield of 377 kg per decare.
[22] discovered that in a vernalization requiring winter barley the expression of VRN-H1 is not regulated by daylength.