Winter duck

(Zool.) The pintail.
The old squaw.

See also: Winter, Winter

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Argentina-style shooting at far less flight time and expense, and the weather we all dream of escaping to at the same time our sordid, soul-sucking late winter is lingering in the States (whereas in Argentina, winter duck hunting occurs in our summer).
Unsurprisingly, Buttler revealed an urgency amongst his peers to break their winter duck against a weakened Australia at the WACA Ground.
England finally broke their winter duck to beat Sri Lanka by eight wickets and now have the confidence to go on and dispatch South Africa in the summer, according to Andrew Strauss.
Benson, an ASU graduate student, completed a study last October entitled, "Climate-Related Shifts in Winter Duck Distribution.
ANDREW FLINTOFF will be back in an England shirt on Friday ready to break his winter duck and fire up his stop-start international career with a win.
No one relishes having to swim for shore in winter duck weather, but having the option to do so is very high on my list.
ENGLAND arrive at the Antigua Recreation Ground this morning ready to complete a series-levelling win over the West Indies and break their winter duck.
ENGLAND are set to level the series with the West Indies and break their winter duck today, amid fresh concerns over Andrew Flintoff's fitness.
However, it's still some time for the winter ducks to arrive.
Winter ducks are starting to arrive, with Goldeneye, Pochard and Scaup at the weekend.
As well as seeing a variety of birdlife, this is a great time of year to see thousands of pink-footed geese and winter ducks like wigeons, as well as having great views of birds of prey hunting over the marsh.
A raft of winter ducks greet you on the pools and lakes from tiny teals, our smallest duck, to hefty shovelers, a brute of a bird like a mallard on steroids, with their trowel-like beaks scooping and sifting for food.