Winter fat

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(Bot.) Same as White sage, under White.

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Ditch stodge for superfoods Bangers and mash and stews warmed you in the cold but now's the time for leaner meals to help you shed that winter fat.
If a deer goes into the winter fat and healthy, it normally survives, as long as the severity and duration of the winter are not extreme, quality winter food is available, and not too much of their energy is used up during chases by coyotes or intrusions by humans and dogs into their bedding areas.
It was so cold in Chicago that the polar bear at the Lincoln Park zoo -- who admittedly had not built up the winter fat stores of her wild cousins -- was brought inside to warm up.
Bangers and mash and stodgy stews warm the tum on chilly days throughout the winter months, but try putting some leaner meals back on the menu for a while to help you shed those extra winter fat layers.
These plants are most nutritious in the fail, Obviously, it is the fall plants and fruits that supply the resources to store winter fat. Without these critical plants and fruits, deer are hard pressed to make it through the winter.
Winter Fat Flush: Jump-start your metabolism and protect your immunity.
It will help all our winter fat disappear in no time - mum says she hopes it works on dad's too!
The objectives of this study were to: (1) survey the prevalence and intensity of lungworms in coyotes throughout Illinois; (2) assess whether prevalence varied between sexes and age-classes; and (3) determine whether lungworm intensity correlated with physical condition, particularly body mass and winter fat levels.
LIVESTOCK entries at this year's Royal Welsh Winter Fair have reached a new high, reinforcing the event's reputation as arguably Britain's top winter fat stock show.
"When bats are awakened from hibernation, they use up their store of winter fat needed to sustain them until their insect food source is available in the spring." One arousal costs a bat as much energy as it would need for two or three weeks of hibernation.