Winter oil

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oil prepared so as not to solidify in moderately cold weather.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Baker Hughes rig count continues to drop in lagged response to the winter oil price declines, and analysts may be seeing the same impact on the Dallas Fed figures.
The winter oil, which was launched last month, is a blend of rosehip, argan, evening primrose and blackcurrant seed.
But after a free fall in prices, "the expectations are the higher winter oil demand in the northern hemisphere might provide a temporary floor, with a downward drift resuming in Q2 next year," Vandana Hari, Asia editorial director at Platts told Gulf News.
Effects of sowing date on the growth and yield of winter oil seedrape (Brassica napus, L).
Factors like winter oil demand, or adverse weather conditions are expected to provide some lift to tanker rates at the first monthsof 2013, with BIMCO forecasting that rates will be fairly firm.
Those selected for a prize include Daniel Shiel's Malakof photograph, Patricia Durdey's By the River watercolour, Roger Simpson's Ahead watercolour, Robert Wesley's Southgate, Halifax, oil, Philip Elliston's Seaside Dream in lino reduction print and Bohslav Barlow's Green Winter oil on linen.
It's better we tell them now than them to be paying much more for their winter oil in two weeks time".
SOAR volunteers hope to raise as much as $40,000 for winter oil assistance.
Lexcore Services Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of Lexington Energy Services Inc., has obtained a winter oil sands drilling contract.
It bypasses the shipping bottlenecks at the Turkish straits where in winter oil crude shipments can be held up for weeks.
It used to be that you needed to put in a winter oil and a summer oil.
The experts, however, added that the possibility of an Opec production cut, winter oil demand in the northern hemisphere and buying interest from emerging economies - China and India - to build up their strategic oil reserves given the current inexpensive oil prices, may positively impact the price of crude oil, but this impact won't sustain for long.