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abbreviation for
1. (Art Terms) (in Britain) Institute of Contemporary Arts
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) International Cooperation Administration


(ˈiːsɑː; Portuguese iˈsa)
(Placename) the Brazilian part of the river Putumayo


(ˌpu tuˈmɑ yɔ)

a river in NW South America, flowing SE from S Colombia into the Amazon in NW Brazil. 900 mi. (1450 km) long. Portuguese, Içá.
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We are pleased to extend our strategic relationship with AMD to drive continued thin-client design and performance improvements," said Mike DeNeffe, senior director of the Wyse Winterm line.
The operating system is designed specifically for the requirements of thin client devices and is now available in Wyse's Winterm 5000 series.
Wyse Winterm thin clients are already available through Federal contracts, including Authorized Winterm Reseller for the government market GTSI's Department of Veterans' Affairs Procurement of Computer Hardware and Software PCHS-2 Contract.
David Mills, Wyse's UK marketing director, said that until now the company's Winterm terminals could access information using a browser, but the latter was resident on the network.