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A city of northern Switzerland northeast of Zurich. It passed to the Habsburgs in 1264 and became a free imperial city in 1415. It is an industrial and cultural center.


(German ˈvɪntərtuːr)
(Placename) an industrial town in NE central Switzerland, in Zürich canton: has the largest technical college in the country. Pop: 90 483 (2000)


(ˈvɪn tərˌtʊər)

a city in Zurich canton, in N Switzerland, NE of Zurich. 86,340.
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Winterthur Music Festival: open-air music festival in the old town
US industrial group 3M (NYSE:MMM) announced today an agreement to acquire Swiss precision grinding technology supplier Winterthur Technologies (SWF:WTGN) for some USD448m (EUR335.2m).
Prior to that she served as member of the executive board of Winterthur Group and held various positions at Winterthur Group, including head of Transaction and Divestiture, Group Reinsurance, head of the Integration from Winterthur to Axa and regional chief financial officer Asia Non-Life.
Guests later moved to Tuckerman Hall for dinner and a talk by Leslie Bowman on Winterthur Gardens.
Computer Associates' Endevor has been chosen by Winterthur Spain, a Spanish insurance company, to manage around 24m lines of code and 27,000 programmes.
Two years ago, Travelers Insurance and Winterthur International created a global strategic relationship with the goal of providing property/casualty insurance solutions, risk management and claims services internationally.
The Swiss banking group, Credit Suisse has announced that its Winterthur insurance subsidiary is to sell its company insurance activities, Winterthur International, to the XL Capital financial services group based in Bermuda for USD600 million.
The company's Chairman, Chen Dongsheng, has indicated that Tai Kang issued 200 million shares with a nominal value of 200 million Yuans (USD24 million), the majority of which were acquired by the Swiss insurer Winterthur Life and Pensions (WLP), a subsidiary of the Credit Suisse banking group.
Winterthur is ideally situated in the heart of Europe, close to Zurich Airport and halfway between the international business hub of Zurich and the economic area of Eastern Switzerland.
The European Commission on 13 June approved the acquisition of a UK-based company Colonial (UK) Plc by Winterthur Life (UK) Holdings, which is part of the Credit Suisse Group.
Within the scope of the project for the local equalization of the official surveying of the city of winterthur, the provider has to repair the markings of selected lfp3 bricks according to the specifications of the service recipient and to measure the lpp according to the given network plan and to clear them freely.The works are in accordance with the regulations of the official measurement in accordance with the present submissions.