v. i. & t.1.To work
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She is enclosed in the house and the only place she can go to is the church: "Thanne fil it thus, that to paryssh chirche,/Cristes owene werkes for to wirche,/This goode wyf went on an haliday" (I 3307-9).
Ther was no lewe man that in the halle stode, That wolde do Gamelyn enything but goode, But stoden bisides and lete hem both wirche, For thei had no rewthe of men of holy chirche; Abbot or priour, monk or chanoun, That Gamelyn overtoke anoon they yeden doun Ther was noon of alle that with his staf mette, That he ne made hem overthrowe to quyte hem his dette.
Til Custance made hire boold, and bad hire wirche The wyl of Crist, as doghter of his chirche.