Wire fence

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a fence consisting of posts with strained horizontal wires, wire netting, or other wirework, between.

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References in classic literature ?
Shimerda's grave was still there, with a sagging wire fence around it, and an unpainted wooden cross.
Midway along, where a barbed wire fence was strung high across the mouth of the gulch and weighted down with big rocks, she caught her first glimpse of the tiny beach.
The last of the descent, from the barbed wire fence, was a sliding fall of a dozen feet, and Saxon arrived on the soft dry sand in a sitting posture.
There was a bare little plot of grass in the middle, protected by a cheap wire fence.
A LOTTERY winner who scooped PS108million has outraged neighbours by putting a barbed wire fence around his country estate.
55 mm superpave; 273 sy driveway concrete, 6"; 6,420 lf woven wire fence; 5,280 lf barbed wire fence, 4 strand; 3,168 lf barbed wire fence, 5 strand; 620 lf storm drain pipe, 18"; 200 lf 620 lf storm drain pipe, 24"; see attached file.
Turning right, with a wire fence on our right, and passing through a gap at the end of the field, we keep left to pass under the railway bridge and follow the wire fence to cross a wooden footbridge.
The woman landed on a barbed wire fence after the fall in a country park in Hartshill shortly before 12.
The European community and the international factor don't allocate funds for constructing a barbed wire fence, but rather are intended to improve the conditions of migrants who are in hardship", stressed observer Selmani.
Vecer reports in its Thursday issue that the Army of the Republic of Macedonia started putting up a wire fence along its border with Greece.
WAFA correspondent reported that inspectors from the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority installed barbed wire fence around a large tract of Bab Al-Rahma cemetery in order to transform it into a national park.
Summary: Residents from the southeastern villages of Shebaa and Kfar Shuba vowed Tuesday to dismantle a barbed wire fence erected by the Israeli Army if works on disputed territory are not brought to halt.