Wire nail

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a nail formed of a piece of wire which is headed and pointed.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In addition to their ornaments of bead and shell and bone, their pierced ears and nostrils were burdened with safety-pins, wire nails, metal hair-pins, rusty iron handles of cooking utensils, and the patent keys for opening corned beef tins.
A box factory supplied the parts, and all Freddie Drummond had to do was to fit the parts into a form and drive in the wire nails with a light hammer.
'Higher prices during the month were posted in lumber, plywood, common wire nails, gravel, sand, hollow blocks and paints,' the PSA said.
The products monitored included cement, common wire nails, steel wire, GI sheet, steel bars and electrical supplies.
Fasten part A to the ends of part B by overlapping A to B using exterior wood glue and 1" x #18 wire nails.
Start by framing the side wall of the wardrobe using 3ins x 2ins CLS (timber which is stress graded) and fix it with 3in wire nails. Allow 12mm in from the side of the box for plasterboard, then fix the frame to the wall with rawlplugs and 4ins screws.
In the new measure, the import duties were abolished on four groups of goods - chemicals, electric current meters, thermometers and manometers - were abolished; reduced to 5% on 215 groups such as decorative fish, organic compounds, tires, cotton yarn and hand tools; to 10% on 550 groups including paint and varnish, cosmetics, gold (not coins), platinum, zinc plates, electric equipment, watches and pens; to 15% on 456 groups such as handgloves, wire nails and toys; to 20% on 40 groups such as profile steel, iron, door and window shutters and to 25% on four other groups including profile steel I and H, and wire cord.