n.1.The act of pulling the wires, as of a puppet; hence, secret influence or management, especially in politics; intrigue.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This material can be water, shaving cream, wire-pulling gel or Vaseline.
The team tested two different "assistance profiles," or patterns of wire-pulling: one based on human biology that applied force starting at the point of maximum hip extension observed in normal running, and one based on a simulation of exoskeleton-assisted running from a group at Stanford University that applied force slightly later in the running stride and suggested that the optimal point to provide assistive force might not be the same as the biological norm.
Wire-pulling gel is the industry standard but as I have no reason to keep that stuff around the house I use Vaseline.
But the big advantage of a wipe design is that you can ran the can "wet." By putting a small amount of some ablative liquid (water, wire-pulling gel, various water-based lubes) you can make the suppressor even quieter.
If the harness binds, squirt in a generous dollop of wire-pulling lube (available in the electrical department at home centers).
A group of technicians from etisalat came to our apartment the other day to install a fibre-optic cable and a lot of wire-pulling went on for hours.
It was wire-pulling by John Wylde MP, judge, parliamentary draughtsman and leading Independent, that secured Rainborowe a seat for land-locked Droitwich in January 1647.
Most centerfire pistol suppressors need a little ablative material like water, Vaseline, shaving cream, or wire-pulling gel along with subsonic ammo to be truly hearing safe.