n.1.The act of pulling the wires, as of a puppet; hence, secret influence or management, especially in politics; intrigue.
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Most centerfire pistol suppressors need a little ablative material like water, Vaseline, shaving cream, or wire-pulling gel along with subsonic ammo to be truly hearing safe.
Wire-pulling gel is the industry standard but as I have no reason to keep that stuff around the house I use Vaseline.
By putting a small amount of some ablative liquid (water, wire-pulling gel, various water-based lubes) you can make the suppressor even quieter.
If the harness binds, squirt in a generous dollop of wire-pulling lube (available in the electrical department at home centers).
A group of technicians from etisalat came to our apartment the other day to install a fibre-optic cable and a lot of wire-pulling went on for hours.
The 'gnomes of Zurich' and their local equivalents simply did not have the wire-pulling power that paranoid pamphleteers ascribed to them.
It was wire-pulling by John Wylde MP, judge, parliamentary draughtsman and leading Independent, that secured Rainborowe a seat for land-locked Droitwich in January 1647.