base station

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base station

(Broadcasting) a fixed transmitter that forms part of an otherwise mobile radio network

base′ sta`tion

a unit functioning as a transmitter and receiver of broadcasting or other signals, as for a CB radio or mobile phone.
station de base
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'We are particularly excited at Quintel's new generation of wireless base station antennas,' he said, adding that its products provide advance features and enhancements that other vendors do not currently offer, and address current and potential customers' specific requirements, such as rooftop optimized antennas and SONWav antennas that are deployed in sites with restrictions.
Liu added that, "we are particularly excited at Quintel's new generation of wireless base station antennas."
The Compact DC Power System was originally introduced in 2004 yet has remained a customer favorite up to current times, where it is used in wireless base station, enterprise data center and broadband access network applications.
He explained the costs covered the provision of a video management system, video recording system, control centre operation system and network infrastructure from control room to wireless base station.
Enabled by software-based wireless base station functions
He was further informed that Control Room of Environment Wing remained operational round the clock during the fire season with a forest guard and wireless base station.
The wireless base station works brilliantly alongside the Vita and is a leap forward for Disney Infinity in the portable gaming space.
Omnitel, a part of TeliaSonera Group, has deployed Huawei Blade Site wireless base station solution for commercial use in Lithuania.
This report provides a comprehensive analysis for the global wireless base station market.
This is a wireless base station that emits low-frequency electromagnetic radiation within approximately a 2-m radius.
The GenCore system has been successfully used during a six-month trial in which the fuel cell acted as a contingency energy source for a wireless base station, responded to 121 failures, and provided more than 100 hours of back-up power.

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