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 (wûr′təm-bûrg′, vür′təm-bĕrk′)
A historical region and former kingdom of southwest Germany. A duchy after 1495, it became a kingdom in 1806 and joined the German Empire in 1871.


(ˈvɜːtəmˌbɜːɡ; German ˈvyrtəmbɛrk)
(Placename) a historic region and former state of S Germany; since 1952 part of the state of Baden-Württemberg


(ˈwɜr təmˌbɜrg; Ger. ˈvür təmˌbɛrk)

a former state in SW Germany: now part of Baden-Württemberg.
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Estos ducados y condados se corresponden en la actualidad con Wurttemberg (tambien denominado Wirttemberg, o Wittemberg) Alemania; Metzingen, Alemania (proximo a Suiza); Mompelgard (ahora Montbeliard), Francia; Urach, Alemania; Tux, Austria, senorios todos ellos que concuerdan (con la salvedad de Tux) con las posesiones tradicionales de los duques de Wurttemberg y que coinciden con las representaciones heraldicas portadas por la familia Wittemberg en Espana, con la sola excepcion de la cimera.
Otto von Hausburg and Princess Maria Augusta Thurn und Taxis spin their respective stories and resolve their respective conflicts, finding out in the end that they have both been mere pawns of powerful mega systems in religion and politics: while Hausburg unnecessarily worries that the Judgement Day might have come if the dead have risen for real, Alexander von Wirttemberg, Regent of Serbia, uses the hunt for vampires to cover up his treason, unaware that his wife pines away after his love, and that her ambitions are far from politics or plotting--or so it seems to the reader ready to take her words at face value.