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 (vĭz′bē, vēs′bü)
A city of southeast Sweden on western Gotland Island on the Baltic Sea. It was a member of the Hanseatic League and a commercial center from the 10th to the 14th century but declined after its capture by the Danes in 1361. Visby was a pirate stronghold for the next two centuries and passed to Sweden in 1645.


(Swedish ˈviːsbyː)
(Placename) a port in SE Sweden, on NW Gotland Island in the Baltic: an early member of the Hanseatic League and major N European commercial centre in the Middle Ages. Pop: 22 017 (2000 est)


(ˈvɪz bi)

a seaport on the Swedish island of Gotland, in the Baltic: an important member of the Hanseatic League. 55,346.
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com/crowdfunding/benrawson | Elin Wisby, year 7, came the closest to guessing how many baked beans were in a can during a fundraising competition for Ben.
Samuel Hawkins, a collier, riding home from North Cornelly, was fined 5s for riding a bicycle without a light, while Isaac Heath, a milk vendor, was summoned for selling hay to Arthur Wisby, also a milk vendor, without the consent of the Army Council.
Examples of these codes include the Law of Flanders, of Catalonia (1243), of Wisby (1288), of Genoa (1313-1314) and of the Hanseatic League (1597).
The Wizard and the Quient is an original fantasy novel following fifteen-year-old Thomas Wisby, who is unexpectedly transported into a mysterious world of wizards, dinosaurs, and more.
SHIPPING movements in the River Mersey today: Wisby Verity, a chemical products tanker carrying fuel oil from Belgium.
Wisby and Capell (2005) suggest that workforces should be encouraged to deliver innovative, high quality health care, particularly evident in the area of sexual and reproductive health (p.
According to Steve Wisby, NIC Instruments managing director and chief engineer, "To be financially and electrically efficient, we needed to use controllers with different power ratings for the different applications inside the UGV system.
To become a Comp-Tac dealer, contact Randi Rogers or David Wisby at (866) 441-9157.
Head teacher Clive Wisby, 39, said: "He said Kevin Keegan rang him and that swang it.
Rolls of Oleron [12th Century]; the North European ordinances associated with the Hanseatic League, which grew out of the Sea Laws of Wisby in the 13th Century; and the subsequent Consolato del Mare [11th to 13th Centuries].
Biluthyrarna sought to distance itself from the independent market players Wisby Uthyrning and Mickes Biluthyrning, both operational on the island of Gotland,.
cyanellus (Hunter and Wisby, 1961) which might make L.