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 (wĭs-kŏn′sĭn) Abbr. WI or Wis.
A state of the north-central United States. It was admitted as the 30th state in 1848. Settled by the French in the 1600s, the region was ceded to Great Britain in 1763 and became part of the Northwest Territory in 1787. Madison is the capital and Milwaukee is the largest city.

Wis·con′sin·ite′ n.
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(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Wisconsin
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Noun1.Wisconsinite - a native or resident of WisconsinWisconsinite - a native or resident of Wisconsin  
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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Ron Johnson, Priebus' fellow Wisconsinite, and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, a Navy Reserve commander.
The new office will be headed by Steve Balistreri, a senior software developer and lifelong Wisconsinite.
She recounts aggressively Wisconsinite tropes, of a dairy farmer who's "going to vote for Tammy because she has had the backs of dairy farmers since we've known her" and a foundry voter who supports her for her "Buy America" legislation, "which, I will say, I've been working on longer than Donald Trump has."
Wisconsinite Frederick Jackson Turner discovered the genius of American democracy in the history of the Old Northwest, his native region.
And then there's Lee, a promising musician (loosely based on real-life Wisconsinite Justin Vernon of Bon Iver) whose career has taken off thanks to an album recorded in a local chicken coop.
A fourth-generation Wisconsinite, Burke is a former executive at Trek Bicycles, the Waterloo-based company founded by her father that rose to the top of the business by selling made-in-America quality.
Composer Colin Welford, who's worked as a music director on a number of shows at the theatre, has focused his score of Strings Attached on the ukulele, which the Hawaiian Hal plays, and the banjo, which the Wisconsinite Hal plays.
I'm a Wisconsinite through and through." Polls show that Wisconsin, a state that hasn't voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1984, is now a toss-up.
With its light body, lively effervescence, and 4.2 percent ABV, Wisconsinite is a refreshing summer session beer.
It's the sophomore effort from Justin Vernon, 30, an affable Wisconsinite who records as Bon Iver and looks as if he should be smiling on a
Provided last week's exertions have not taken their toll on the veteran Wisconsinite who last won at New Orleans two years ago, he has to be in the shakeup again.