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pl. pres.1.pl. pres. of Wit.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Witen situates Joyce's musical intentions within a previously unidentified trend of absolute music, which is equally evident in the writing of other Modernist authors such as Ezra Pound, T.
24 [10]: AT (not IJ): 19 + Jeff's 5 gap-fillers (3 in Peterson): aat (oat), dat (daut), uat (witen), yat (gate), zat (zax, or 'howzat'), plus 2 proper names, Fat (Lebanon) and I'at (people), for 26.
In La3amon we find witen 'to know' and witen 'to guard', which go back to witan and witan respectively.
Scala's first chapter, '"We Witen Nat What Thing We Preyen Heere': Desire, Knowledge, and the Ruse of Satisfaction in the Knight's Tale," comments not only on the frustrated desires of characters in the "Knight's Tale," but also references Chaucer's act of appropriating source material and reappropriating his own previously penned "Palamon and Arcite" into the Canterbury Tales.
Witen Continental Motors announced last summer that had bought the assets of Thielert Aircraft Engines, it promised to move aggressively to expand the aerodiesel market.
th but is unsure how any role might work witen, new boss Moyes set to bring in his own mei cluding his including his Everton No.2 Steve verton No.2 Steve.
be deuele schalle roten in hem foure manere of vices, pat is to witen: glosynge, envie, bacbitynge [240v] and ipocrisie.
Why should he dream that she would ensure his well-being any more than another woman ("We witen nat what thing we preyen heere" [1260])?
Might I suggest that Central TV initiate discussions on the desirability of a Mercian Witen with elected Witenors to take over from the Blair quango?
of witen.(28) The evidence that such a word, both in substantival and verbal variants, was current (if not, understandably, frequently used in writing) in England in the mid to late thirteenth century is reasonably strong.
For wyndes, wiltow wite," quod he, "to witen it fro falling--"