pull the plug

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Verb1.pull the plug - prevent from happening or continuing; "The government pulled the plug on spending"
cease, discontinue, lay off, quit, stop, give up - put an end to a state or an activity; "Quit teasing your little brother"
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The parents will now appeal directly to The Supreme Court, in a bid to overturn a decision that Alder Hey should withdraw life support.
The parents will now appeal directly to The Supreme Court, in a bid to overturn a decision made by the High Court, that Alder Hey should withdraw life support.
His family withdraw life support in the morning after the feared enforcer, 90, was placed in a coma at the weekend.
This was declared, by the Supreme Court of India in 2011 as a means to legally withdraw life support in patients who are in a permanent vegetative state.
When the fetus was at 23 weeks' gestational age, Mr Munoz sued the hospital after the doctors told him that a Texas law forbade them to withdraw life support from his dead wife until the fetus's birth or a miscarriage occurred.
When that notion had become widely accepted, then and only then did they move to the argument that when a patient is incapable of making health care decisions, the "family" should be able to decide to withdraw life support to "allow natural death.
He will be transferred from the hospital where doctors had fought to withdraw life support against family wishes to another health-care facility.
2) The doctors argued that the removal of life support was not in fact treatment, but the removal thereof, and consequently not subject to the HCCA, (3) Furthermore, the doctors argued that in cases where continued treatment is futile, the HCCA has no jurisdiction, which would give the physicians authority to withdraw life support without patient or
Consent, therefore, is required to withdraw life support.
The Supreme Court has decided in favour of the family and said that doctors cannot unilaterally withdraw life support against family wishes.
Hospital notes revealed that the doctors thought that Burns underwent 'cardiac death,' and after consulting with her family, they decided to withdraw life support and donate her organs.
2) Rasouli's health team cross-applied seeking a ruling that consent was not required to withdraw life support when the treatment being provided was futile.