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 (wĭth-ĭn′, wĭth-)
1. In or into the inner part; inside: "restaurants and wine houses jammed along the earthen streets ... banners flapping to announce the delights within" (Nicole Mones).
2. Inside the mind, heart, or soul; inwardly: the fear that lies within.
1. In the inner part or parts of; inside: the streets within the city; resentment seething within him.
a. Not exceeding the limits or extent of in distance or time: got within ten miles of home; stayed within earshot; arrived within two days.
b. Not exceeding the fixed limits of; not beyond: lived within her income.
c. In the scope or sphere of: acted within the law; within the medical profession.
d. Used to indicate a range to be covered or an amount necessary before something can happen: The team has pulled to within three points and can tie the game with a field goal.
An inner position, place, or area: treachery from within.

[Middle English withinne, from Old English withinnan : with, with; see with + innan, from within (from in, in; see in1).]


1. in; inside; enclosed or encased by
2. before (a period of time) has elapsed: within a week.
3. not beyond the limits of; not differing by more than (a specified amount) from: live within your means; within seconds of the world record.
formal inside; internally


(wɪðˈɪn, wɪθ-)

1. in or into the interior of or the parts or space enclosed by: within city walls.
2. inside of; in: the love within my heart.
3. in the compass or limits of; not beyond: within view; to live within one's income.
4. at or to some point not beyond, as in length or distance; not farther than: within a radius of a mile.
5. at or to some amount or degree not exceeding: within two degrees of freezing.
6. in the course or period of, as in time: within the year.
7. inside of the limits fixed or required by; not transgressing: within the law.
8. in the field, sphere, or scope of: within the family.
9. in or into an interior or inner part; inside.
10. in or into a house, building, etc.; indoors.
11. as regards the inside; internally.
12. in the mind, heart, or soul; inwardly.
13. the inside of a place, space, or building.
[before 1000; Middle English withinne (preposition and adv.), Old English withinnan (adv.) =with with- + innan from within =in in + -an suffix of motion from]


1. location

If you are within something, you are inside it or surrounded by it.

The prisoners demanded the freedom to congregate within the prison.
The central shrine was a huge copper dome within a railing.

This is a fairly formal use. Instead of 'within', you usually use inside.

Ibrahim waited inside the house for a few moments.
She couldn't see whether all four men were sitting inside the car.
See inside
2. limits

If something is within a particular limit, it does not go beyond that limit, or is not more than what is allowed.

Within these limitations there were a number of options open to me.
We must ask the schools to keep within their budget.
3. time

If something happens within a particular length of time, it happens before that length of time has passed.

Within six years a fifty-mile canal was cut.
The population doubled within a few hundred years.
4. 'by'

Do not confuse within with by. If you do something by a particular time, you have done it at or before that time.

By two in the morning I had come to a conclusion.
By 8.05 the group were in position.
See by
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Adv.1.within - on the inside; "inside, the car is a mess"


preposition inside, in, surrounded by, enclosed by, within the bounds or confines of A small tent stood within a thicket of trees.
خِلال، ضِمْن، داخِلدَاخِلفي الدّاخِل
inden forinden iindenfor
dedansà l’intérieur deavantdans
innaninni, fyrir innan
...의 안쪽에
v medziach
trong vòng


A. PREPdentro de
I want it back within three daysquiero que me lo devuelvas dentro de tres días
here within the townaquí dentro de la ciudad
to be within callestar al alcance de la voz
to live within one's incomevivir conforme a los ingresos
to be within the lawno rebasar los límites de la ley, atenerse a la legalidad
a voice within me saiduna voz interior me dijo ...
the police arrived within minutesla policía llegó a los pocos minutos
the village is within a mile of the riverel pueblo dista poco menos de una milla del pueblo
we were within 100 metres of the summitfaltaban 100 metros para que llegáramos a la cumbre
within a year of her deatha poco menos de un año de su muerte
within a radius of ten kilometresen un radio de diez kilómetros
the shops are within easy reachlas tiendas están cerca
within the stipulated timedentro del plazo señalado
within the weekantes de terminar la semana
to be within an inch ofestar a dos dedos de
B. ADVdentro
"car for sale - apply within"se vende coche - razón dentro or (LAm) infórmese adentro
from withindesde dentro, desde el interior


(= inside) → à l'intérieur de
within the prison → à l'intérieur de la prison
He wanted to work within the National Health Service → Il voulait exercer dans le cadre du service national de santé., Il voulait être médecin conventionné.
within her → en elle
within me → en moi
(in time)d'ici
within an hour from now → d'ici une heure
within twenty-four hours → en l'espace de vingt-quatre heures
Within twenty-four hours I'd got the money → En l'espace de vingt-quatre heures, j'avais obtenu l'argent.
within the week → avant la fin de la semaine
(= not further than)
The man was within a few feet of him → L'homme n'était qu'à quelques pieds de lui.
The property is within a short distance of the shops → La propriété n'est qu'à peu de distance des magasins.
within a mile of sth → à moins d'un mile de qch
(= inside limits of) → dans les limites de
to be within the law → être légal(e), être dans les limites de la légalité
(= inside range of) within sight → en vue
within sight of sth → en vue de qch
within earshot → à portée d'oreille
adv (= inside) → à l'intérieur
from within → de l'intérieurwith it with-it [ˈwɪðɪt] adj
(= up-to-date) → dans le coup
to be with it (= up-to-date) → être dans le coup
not to be with it (= not alert) → être à côté de la plaque
I'm not with it today → Je suis à côté de la plaque aujourd'hui.


prepinnerhalb (+gen); (temporal also) → binnen (+dat or (geh) +gen), → innert (+gen) (Aus, S Ger); a voice within me said …eine Stimme in meinem Inneren or in mir sagte; we were within 100 feet of the finishwir waren auf den letzten 100 Fuß vor dem Ziel; we came within 50 feet of the summitwir kamen bis auf 50 Fuß an den Gipfel heran; within his powerin seiner Macht; to keep within the lawsich im Rahmen des Gesetzes bewegen; to live within one’s means or incomeim Rahmen seiner finanziellen Möglichkeiten leben
adv (old, liter)innen; from withinvon drinnen; (= on the inside)von innen; let us go withinwollen wir hineingehen; but he’s rotten withinaber innerlich ist er verderbt


1. prep
a. (inside) → dentro
a voice within me said ... → una vocina dentro di me disse...
to be within the law → restare nei limiti della legalità
to live within one's income → vivere secondo i propri mezzi
within sight of → in vista di
b. (less than) we were within 100 metres of the summiteravamo a meno di 100 metri dalla vetta
within a mile of → entro un miglio da
within a year of her death → meno di un anno prima della (or dopo la) sua morte
correct to within a millimetre → preciso/a al millimetro
within an hour → entro un'ora
within an hour from now → da qui a un'ora
he returned within the week → è tornato prima della fine della settimana
2. adv "car for sale - apply within""auto in vendita - rivolgersi all'interno"


(wiˈðin) preposition
inside (the limits of). She'll be here within an hour; I could hear sounds from within the building; His actions were within the law (= not illegal).
inside. Car for sale. Apply within.


دَاخِل uvnitř inden i innerhalb εντός dentro de sisällä dans unutar entro ・・・以内で ...의 안쪽에 binnen innen(for) w obrębie dentro внутри inom ภายใน içinde trong vòng 在...之内


prep. dentro de, en el interior de; a distancia de; al alcance de; cerca de;
___ an hour___ una hora.