Withlacoochee River

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With·la·coo·chee River

1. A river, about 250 km (155 mi) long, of central Florida flowing northwest into the Gulf of Mexico.
2. A river, about 185 km (115 mi) long, of southern Georgia and northwest Florida, where it empties into the Suwannee River.
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The job eventually takes Fraley to remote stretches of Florida's Withlacoochee River and events that occurred over a half century ago.
The Santa Fe River got to record heights, and down the Withlacoochee River, in Hernando County, we had a lot of flooding.
The three locations were on the Withlacoochee River, Okapilco Creek, and Piscola Creek, all of which are in Brooks County.
* The Withlacoochee River runs along the western and southern boundaries of the WMA and may provide stealthy water-based access to birds on the edges.
1 Joy O'Donnell, CURVE's outgoing art director Kas Neteler, associate publisher Sara Jane Keskula, Cori Duncan and writer Amy Andre at CURVE's December issue holiday party in San Francisco 2 America's Next Top Model contestant Megan Morris celebrates her spot on CURVE's December cover at our holiday party 3 ProSuzy.com hosts 30 women kayaking down the Withlacoochee River in Florida 4 The ProSuzy women starting off at Nobleton Outpost 5 Stars of Bravo's Work Out (from left) Jackie Warner, Rebecca Cardon and Jesse Brune sex it up at Here Bar & Lounge in Los Angeles, in honor of Bravo's OutzoneTV.com first Sexiest Gay 2007 Poll 6 Fauxnique at CounterPULSE's Frolic: CircusDragBurlesque Festival.
An easy 3-mile run to the mouth of the Withlacoochee River takes you past the area's main boat ramp at the western end of Highway 40, while a left at Bennett's Creek gets you to the Gulf quicker by avoiding the manatee zones.
Withlacoochee River Park, Dade City, FL (352) 521-3012 windspirit1985@yahoo.com
Born in Wilmington, North Carolina (December 4, 1818); grew up in Florida and volunteered for militia service against the Seminoles at the age of fourteen (1833); saw action at Withlacoochee River (February-March 1836) and at Wahoo Swamp (November 26) as well as at Alachua; commissioned a 2d lieutenant (1837); studied law at Georgetown College in Washington and passed the bar (1842); elected to the Florida legislature later that year; appointed captain in the Mounted Rifle Regiment shortly after outbreak of war with Mexico (May 1846); promoted to major (February 1847); attached to Gen.
B's and the city ramp are upriver and not as convenient to the Gulf as the county ramp, at the mouth of the Withlacoochee River. In either case, once you leave the river's mouth, take it easy and don't expect to head north or south and back towards shore (and the fish) quickly.