Without book

By memory.
Without authority.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But I'm afraid she speaks without book. I want to know if thee'st seen anything."
They were in their school-room when I came upon them, and answered correctly, without book, such questions as where was England; how far was it; what was its population; its capital city; its form of government; and so forth.
I and my band are all here together, and I question whether there be a man of us that could play that march without book. I never heard it but once before, and that was at the funeral of his late Majesty, King George the Second."
Then, his preaching was ingenious and pithy, like the preaching of the English Church in its robust age, and his sermons were delivered without book. People outside his parish went to hear him; and, since to fill the church was always the most difficult part of a clergyman's function, here was another ground for a careless sense of superiority.
Even to Bradley Headstone, who could have told to the letter without book all about Wat Tyler, Lord Mayor Walworth, and the King, that it is dutiful for youth to know, there was but one subject living in the world for every sharp destructive instrument that summer evening.
Glegg observed that she was not given to speak without book, as some people were; that those who said least were most likely to find their words made good; and that when the right moment came, it would be seen who could do something better than talk.
Leave us alone without books and we shall be lost and in confusion at once.
He added knowledge without book study like an exercise a thirsty one buy to quench things other than water.
The Zeutschel book copier is available as a colour system with three different designs: without book carriage, with comfort book carriage and with a large book carriage for demanding scan projects.
2004-67 for any item for which the (1) book loss/expense is reported before or without a tax loss/deduction or (2) tax gain/ income is reported before or without book gain/income.
It was in these libraries-frequently managed by librarians without a professional education and operating without book selection policies-that the Library Bill of Rights presented a most challenging conflict of interest between individual security and the profession's allegiance to intellectual freedom.
He added that Muslims were pioneers of book reading as the first verse of the holy Quran starts with IQRA means read and target of reading cannot be achieved without book. Dr Mumtaz Ahmad said that holding book fairs was a new dimension of Dawah Academy which is pawing way for spreading the message of the academy at large scale.