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It is a most knightly largesse, and yet withouten money how can man rise?
Yff tho men be raysyd witterlye withouten the devuls fantasye, here shall be prevyd appertely that all men shall see.
And certes, if I hadde prescience *foreknowledge Youre wyl to knowe, er ye youre lust me tolde, I wolde it doon withouten necligence.
Doun of the ladder stalketh Nicholay, And Alisoun ful softe adoun she spedde; Withouten words mo they goon to bedde, Ther as the carperter is wont lye.
And for that feith is deed withouten werkis, So for to werken yif me wit and space, That I be quit fro thennes that most derk is.
And abouen in the dust & in the powder of bo hilles bei [Philosophres] wroot lettres & figures with hire fyngres & at the zeres ende bei comen azen & founden the same lettres & figures the whiche bei hadde writen the zeer before withouten ony defaute.
This town is ful of ladys al aboute; And, to my doom, fairer than swiche twelve As evere she was, shall I fynde in som route-- Yee, on or two, withouten any doute.
in pis wise thus it endip withouten eny more Natheles if eny man can finde in this Crede eny errour or heresie and grounde him in holy writte I wol mekely reuoke it and lerne to bileue better.
The dream narrator's sleep, as the vehicle for his vision of the maiden and the New Jerusalem, begins when he 'slode vpon a slepjng-slagte | On pat precios perle withouten spot'.
Then sawgh I but a large feld, As fer as that I myghte see, Withouten toun, or hous, or tree.
Whe fe do" is also a protest in the sense that it is a calculated defiance against the social condition and a gutsy will to stand up and live," withouten cry, nor yet complain.
She offers her faith, her "bileve" (63), in return for Mary's help and notes that "feith is deed withouten werkis" (64) by which it is made manifest and kept alive.