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 (wĭt′n-bûrg′, vĭt′n-bĕrk′)
A city of east-central Germany on the Elbe River east of Dessau. Martin Luther made the city the center of the Protestant Reformation when he nailed his 95 theses to the door of the castle church in 1517.


(German ˈvɪtənbɛrk; English ˈwɪtənˌbɜːɡ)
(Placename) a city in E Germany, on the River Elbe, in Brandenburg: Martin Luther, as a philosophy teacher at Wittenberg university, began the Reformation here in 1517 by nailing his 95 theses to the doors of a church. Pop: 46 295 (2003 est)


(ˈwɪt nˌbɜrg, ˈvɪt-)

a city in E central Germany, on the Elbe: Luther taught in the university here; beginnings of the Reformation 1517. 54,190.
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Prince Hamlet was studying at the University of Wittenberg in Germany; in Shakspere's first quarto it is made clear that he had been there for some years; whether this is the assumption in the final version is one of the minor questions to consider.
Contract award notice: Object planning and specialist planning at the existing wastewater treatment plant in lutherstadt wittenberg
A SMILE comes on my face whenever I hear the name of Martin Luther and how he nailed his proclamation to the door of a Wittenberg church 500 years ago.
Martin Luther did not begin the Reformation but gave it a major kick in the pants here, and just about everything here is named after him, including the city's official name, which in 1938 became Lutherstadt Wittenberg.
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com)-- Wittenberg University is currently accepting applications and enrolling students in its upcoming August Master of Science in Analytics cohort.
Charles Witsell, FAIA, and Gordon Wittenberg, FAIA, are retired principals of the Little Rock architecture firms WER Architects/Planners (Witsell Evans & Rasco) and WD&D Architects (Wittenberg Delony & Davidson) respectively.
The 173-unit Houston community had just undergone a significant rehabilitation project and Wittenberg was ready to show it off.
In 2008, the city of Wittenberg announced that in anticipation of the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, the coming decade would be recognized as the "Luther Decade.
Whole Foods Market executive Margaret Wittenberg has been appointed to the board of U.