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whizz kid


whiz kid


wiz kid

informal a person who is outstandingly successful for his or her age
[C20: from whizz, perhaps influenced by wizard]
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whizz kid

noun (Informal) prodigy, talent, genius, mastermind, whizz (informal), boffin (Brit. informal), rocket scientist (informal, chiefly U.S.), wunderkind, wonder kid, child genius, phenom (U.S. informal) a computing whizz kid
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He is widely known for his singles such as Can't Believe ft Wiz Kid, Nobody has to know, Lifestyle and History.
He wrote, 'Brilliant as this little wiz kid is sometimes the shy side takes over.
Each match exchanged personalized cards and the school support counselor distributed a certificate to each participant, determined by group nominations, identifying a strength or talent that was exhibited throughout the program, such as "Most Caring Wiz Kid," "Funniest Wiz Kid," and "Most Playful Wiz Kid.
Despite what you may think, Saersten is not a stockbroker, nor a Google wiz kid or even a budding sports pro.
Organised by event management company Big Idea, the second installment of Wiz Kid encouraged students from KG1 to Grade 13 to participate.
Founding Publisher Louis Sito was lionized as the new Hispanic-media wiz kid.
When last spotted, our WorldWide Wiz Kid (WWWK) was dodging lions in ancient Rome and trying to get back to North Carolina.
The couple met through New York-based Wiz Kid Management and Juliet already had a huge crush on the star.
He added: "The drink has been produced through close consultation with the trade--rather than being dreamt up by a marketing wiz kid.
He'd play Theodore Hall, the wiz kid biophysicist who helped developed the atom bomb and gave the recipe to the Soviets because he felt it would ensure neither would use it.
It was a profound experience despite the disorganization of the festival," says Santos, who in the course of three performances had such stellar guests as Los Van Van's Samuel Formell, 23 year-old percussion wiz kid Daphnies Prieto, and 17 year-old Yasek Manzano Silva sit in with the band.
Soon I became a Wiz Kid clown and performed in shows with them.