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Having no wings or only rudimentary wings.

wing′less·ness n.
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1. having no wings or vestigial wings
2. (Animals) designating primitive insects of the subclass Apterygota, characterized by small size, lack of wings, and larvae resembling the adults: includes the springtails and bristletails
ˈwinglessness n
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(ˈwɪŋ lɪs)

1. having no wings.
2. having only rudimentary wings, as a kiwi.
wing′less•ness, n.
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Adj.1.wingless - lacking wings
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
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بدون أجْنِحَه
szárny nélküliszárnyatlan


[ˈwɪŋlɪs] ADJsin alas
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[ˈwɪŋlɪs] adj (insect) → privo/a di ali
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(wiŋ) noun
1. one of the arm-like limbs of a bird or bat, which it usually uses in flying, or one of the similar limbs of an insect. The eagle spread his wings and flew away; The bird cannot fly as it has an injured wing; These butterflies have red and brown wings.
2. a similar structure jutting out from the side of an aeroplane. the wings of a jet.
3. a section built out to the side of a (usually large) house. the west wing of the hospital.
4. any of the corner sections of a motor vehicle. The rear left wing of the car was damaged.
5. a section of a political party or of politics in general. the Left/Right wing.
6. one side of a football etc field. He made a great run down the left wing.
7. in rugby and hockey, a player who plays mainly down one side of the field.
8. in the air force, a group of three squadrons of aircraft.
winged adjective
having wings. a winged creature.
a four-winged insect.
ˈwinger noun
in football etc, a player who plays mainly down one side of the field.
ˈwingless adjective
wings noun plural
the sides of a theatre stage. She waited in the wings.
wing commander
in the air force, the rank above squadron leader.
ˈwingspan noun
the distance from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other when outstretched (of birds, aeroplanes etc).
on the wing
flying, especially away. The wild geese are on the wing.
take under one's wing
to take (someone) under one's protection.
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(2-5) The Wnt signaling pathway is initiated by binding the Wnt family proteins to a cell-surface receptor, Frizzled, and a co-receptor, low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5/6 (LRP5/6).
The Retromer complex is involved in the Wnt signaling pathway by Wntless which is a kind of WNT signaling receptor.
The study also found a connection between the ability of lampreys to heal their spines and the Wnt signaling pathway that plays a crucial part in tissue regeneration, and is famously known for the role it plays among animals that display remarkable regenerative powers, like salamanders and zebrafish.
Wnt signaling pathway is frequently dysregulated in various tumor types and plays important roles in tumor development and progression, including regulating cell proliferation, invasion, and migration [16].
In this study, we demonstrated that conditioned media (CM) of cultured stem cells isolated from deer antlers play an important role in hair and skin regeneration by releasing paracrine factors that activate the Wnt signaling pathway. Furthermore, we discovered a novel mediator of paracrine actions in tissue regeneration, which indicates great potential for therapeutic application.