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a.1.Mad. See Wood, a.
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What god or man did I not then accuse, Near wode *** for ire?
"When he came to grene wode, In a mery mornynge, There he herde the notes small Of byrdes mery syngynge.
When Bourdillion began courting Fayose or the other way round, Osun governor, expectedly became the face of the wole wode (open romance), it is still politics.
For false Fortune, so full of gret dispite, That many yere hath hatid him and me, Hath newe allyed hir (this may y se), To his gret hurt, with Payne and Heuynes, And hath him banysshid out of all gladnes, That where to dwelle nath he o bidyng place Saue in the carfull wode in payne to ly, Where he contentith bide his lyvis space, And yet y say him how it is foly.
Robert's teeth appear later on in the text as a reminder of his monstrosity: when his father the Duke declares him an outlaw and appeals to his nobles for his son's capture, Robert becomes so enraged that he "was almost out of his wyt for wode angre and wheted hys teeth lyke a bore" (ibid., 16).
Wode Xiyu Nide Dongtu (My West China; Your East Turkestan).
(6.) John Sung, Wode jianzheng (My Testimony) (1933; repr., Hong Kong: Bellman House Publishers, 1995).
Of traveling Conditions that wode put a Sainte to Test.
In the apae of Osei Bonsu, the foregoing is epitomized in the passage 'anomabo buroni se opono wo kye, kankan buroni se wo ahuri a pe wo sibore, na mfa die wode ye Fanti no mmeye no' ('The Anomabo governor says he removes his hat for you.