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v. t. & i.1.See 2d Will.
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In photos provided by South Korea Unification Ministry, the head of North Korean Hyon Song Wol, sits during the meeting with South Korea at the North side of Panmunjom in North Korea,
The 36-year-old, once a child soldier but who rose to start his own security business, is among those still detained and denied contact with his family and his lawyers, even after President Kiir pardoned Dr Machar.ARBITRARY ARRESTSHRW and Amnesty International, together with several local rights groups, claim Mr Wol is among several thousands of South Sudanese that have been arrested arbitrarily and held for months, even years, without any due process during the years of civil war.
Still, unsubstantiated claims that Kerbino Wol is an opponent of the current government of South Sudan have been levied in the press.
The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation suspended WOL's air operator's certificate earlier this year, but reissued it after the airline fulfilled the necessary requirements.
Pretending to be a reporter from a national newspaper Hamilton asked: "Is there any news on the contract?" - bearing in mind discussions are ongoing with Wol as to a new deal.
Meanwhile, South Sudan Ambassador to Khartoum Mayen Dut Wol, has expressed gratitude to White Nile State and its different organs for the good treatment accorded to the South Sudan citizens during their saty in Kosti for three years.
A Wash-offline (WOL) PharmaFlex model is also available, whose primary attributes are similar to those of the WIP model in terms of hardware, and allows for washing of the deduster away from the tablet press (at a wash station or separate skid).
After this, the company has to apply to WPC for obtaining the Wireless Operating Licence (WOL).
Today, the company also announced one lucky winner for its WOL 2011 Kindle Reader offer.
The illocutionary force is sometimes made clear by an IFID (illocutionary force indicating device) such as I wol it recorde in (13).
Beryl the Bassett Hound, 16, and Wol, the four-year-old tawny owl, became inseparable after their owner realised they had a shared interest...