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imp.1.imp. of Will. See Would.
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He will need to produce a more decisive performance against Ethiopia's Million Wolde than he did in the Olympic final in Sydney last year, but the Algerian surely cannot repeat the mistakes he made that day.
Belgium's world cross-country champion Mohammed Mourhit and Olympic 5000 metres gold medallist Million Wolde from Ethiopia battle it out for the men's title, while the women's race is worthy of an Olympic final despite the withdrawal of Ireland's Sonia O'Sullivan.
TWO highly talented young Ethiopians - Milion Wolde and Haylu Mekkonen - are ready to follow fellow countryman Haile Gebrselassie's world record breaking example at next Sunday's star studded CGU Indoor Grand Prix at Birmingham's NIA.
Even more graphically, they attempt to persuade her by means of what Askew terms "an unsavory similitude." According to the bishop, "if a man had a wounde, no wyse surgeon wolde mynystre helpe unto it, before he had seane it uncovered." [15] The bishop's similitude, as Askew rightly perceives, is unsavory.
Brown finished third in the men's 9km race as world junior gold medallist Million Wolde made it an Ethiopian double.
The volume, as one might expect from Professor Rubenson, and his co-editors, Dr Merid Wolde Aregay and Dr Amsalu Aklilu of Addis Ababa University, is excellently produced, indexed and translated.
Sharjah: Tsegaye Wolde Asfaw did not enter the country illegally, nor did he abscond from his sponsor.
In addition to Degefi, Wu is scheduled to meet with Ethiopian President Girma Wolde Giorgis, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Speaker of Council of People's Representatives Teshome Toga to exchange views on bilateral relations and other regional and international issues of common concern.
This event kicked off in June 2007 when President Girma Wolde Giorgis took senior government figures, religious leaders and the entire diplomatic corps up a hill, accompanied by brass bands and patriotic songs, to plant trees as part of the "2 for 2000" tree-planting scheme whereby each citizen is asked to plant two trees in the Millennial year--over 60 million trees will be planted, to address Ethiopia's growing environmental hazard caused by deforestation.
Here is extensive and consistent empirical evidence for syllable division, for example, which agrees with scholarly inferences about syllable division, but with some small exceptions; here is evidence about the prosodics of reflexive constructions ([thorn]a wolde we us ge-restan, for example); here is evidence about the hierarchic clustering of particle + prefixed verb (e.g., on be-cwome).
Germany's Dieter Baumann lost a nail-biting 3,000m race to Olympic 5,000m champion Million Wolde on his official return to international competition after serving a two-year drugs suspension.