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Noun1.Anarhichadidae - wolffishesAnarhichadidae - wolffishes        
fish family - any of various families of fish
Blennioidea, suborder Blennioidea - blennies; butterfishes; gunnels
Anarhichas, genus Anarhichas - type genus of the Anarhichadidae
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Meet amazing invertebrates in the No Bone Zone, see the wolf-fish lair, creep through the Seven Sisters' shipwreck, see native seahorse and lobster breeding and conservation programmes and discover life in the open ocean in the Big Fish Forest, which is full of sea bass, bream and even shark!
Of the fish rarely seen in Welsh waters, the wolf-fish was recently recorded by an angling skipper off the coast of Skomer island.
This supports a rich diversity of sealife including large numbers of pink-white deeplet anemones and as well as crabs, sea urchins, lobsters and fish such as the red and blue cuckoo wrasse, lumpsucker fish, pollock, ballan wrasse, and in dark crevices, the fearsome looking but totally harmless wolf-fish.