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Noun1.Wolffia - minute rootless aquatic herbs having globular fronds floating on or near the water surface and bearing one flower per frond
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
duckweed family, family Lemnaceae, Lemnaceae - family of small free-floating thalloid plants
watermeal - any of various aquatic plants of the genus Wolffia; throughout warmer regions of the world
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Tucked away between train tracks at the back and the many ancient waterways that boast both watervoles as big as guinea pigs and the wolffia arrhiza, the world's smallest flowering plant, you be forgiven for thinking Alan might not be used to all my prying.
Another aquatic macrophytes such as Potamogeton natans, Myriophyllum aquaticum, Wolffia globosa, and Typha also showed the high accumulation of Cd [141-143].
Results for accumulation of Pb are in line with the earlier studies on different aquatic plants like Wolffia arrhiza, [49] Najas indica, [50] C.
El 100% corresponden a plantas de porte herbaceo o herbaceo-subfruticoso; 12% de las especies totales son plantas acuaticas flotantes o sumergidas, las que fueron encontradas principalmente en los canales (como en el caso de Lemna minuta Kunth "lenteja de agua", Wolffia columbiana H.
Among aquatic plants, the sequences of chloroplast genome have been accomplished for Nuphar advena [53], Najas flexilis [54], Elodea canadensis [55], Utricularia foliosa [56], Lemna minor [57], and three other species in different genera of the Lemnoideae--Spirodela polyrhiza, Wolffiella lingulata, and Wolffia australiana [58].
[50] in response to Cd toxicity but decreased with the exposure to Cd in hydrophytes (Ceratophyllum, Wolffia, and Hydrilla).
Characterization of starch-accumulating duckweeds, Wolffia globosa, as renewable carbon source for bioethanol production.
The Effect of Auxins and Salicylic Acid on Chlorophyll and Carotenoid Contentsin Wolffia Arrhiza (L.) Growing on Media of Various Trophicities.
It is Wolffia arrhiza, a species of flowering plant known by the common names spotless watermeal and rootless duckweed, belonging to the Araceae, a family rich in water-loving species.
Changes in growth biochemical components and antioxidant activity in aquatic plant Wolffia arrhiza (Lemnaceae) exposed to cadmium and lead.
Bioaccumulation and harmful effects of microcystinLR in the aquatic plants Lemna minor and Wolffia arrhiza and the filamentous alga Chladophora fracta.
The smallest animals endowed with a cerebrum and nervous system are rotifers (Rotatoria), and the most massive animals are whales (Cetacea), and among multicellular plants--from wolffia rootless (Wolffia arrhiza) to redwoods (Sequoia).