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Noun1.Wollemi pine - newly discovered (1994) pine thought to have been long extinctWollemi pine - newly discovered (1994) pine thought to have been long extinct; Australia; genus and species names not yet assigned
araucaria family, Araucariaceae, family Araucariaceae - tall evergreen cone-bearing trees of South America and Australia with broad leathery leaves; in some classifications included in the Pinaceae
conifer, coniferous tree - any gymnospermous tree or shrub bearing cones
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mycorrhizae of the Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis) and related
The Wollemi Pine, or Wollemia nobilis, thrived during the Jurassic age 200 million years ago.
At Pikopiko, bark of probable Araucaria is preserved, and pollen indicates the presence of Podocarpaceae, Ephedra and Wollemia. Foliage and wood preserved at Newvale indicate a diverse range of podocarps including Dacrycarpus, Dacrydium, Halocarpus, Microcachrys, Phyllocladus, Podocarpus, and Agathis.
Jones WG, Hill KD, Allen JM (1995) Wollemia nobilis a new living Australian genus and species in the Araucariaceae.
America and Tasmania (a) With the addition of Wollemia (Araucariaceae: Jones et al., 1995) and Xanthocyparis (Cupressaceae: Farjon et al., 2002)