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a.1.Doing wonders or surprising things.
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The fame of her beauty began to spread abroad through all the villages around- but why do I say the villages around, merely, when it spread to distant cities, and even made its way into the halls of royalty and reached the ears of people of every class, who came from all sides to see her as if to see something rare and curious, or some wonder-working image?
Giacomo Rappaccini, it is true, nor his brilliant daughter, were now visible; so that Giovanni could not determine how much of the singularity which he attributed to both was due to their own qualities and how much to his wonder-working fancy; but he was inclined to take a most rational view of the whole matter.
Go to Kolyazin where a wonder-working icon of the Holy Mother of God has been revealed.
And hard upon that unrefined but wonder-working flow came a certain healing of spirit.
Southwell does not explicitly deny the folk tradition of a wonder-working Christ Child any more than he denies that the Christ Child grew and learned: he merely asserts that even the Gospel writers are unworthy to write of the miraculous acts springing from his divinity and humanity in this period of Christ's life.
MIAMI, May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The wonder-working power of vitamins to foster healthier, more youthful-looking skin has long been known; today, Aveya Beauty (http://aveyabeauty.
Just when we think we can't take any more about the wonder-working properties of a 40mm plastic ball we are asked to take seriously the proposition that by putting Moscow on the defensive ping-pong diplomacy may have helped bring down the Soviet Union.
Jesus was a wonder-working Galilean sage and prophet, not a divine figure, and he asked for self-surrender to God, not "intellectual acrobatics" (236).
Shortly after the saint's death, his remains, which were thought to have wonder-working powers, were transferred to Sofia during the reign of Peter I.
Louisa Bourjois Ultra brilliant, March is a beauty bargain hunter's dream at Superdrug because they have offers on a whole range of wonder-working hair care.
Ultimately, or perhaps most plainly, wounding (which is the etymological root of the term "trauma") is always somehow and mysteriously in the best interests of learning about and receiving God's wonder-working grace--or at least, so the story goes, according to Jones.
The wonder-working similarities between Christ and Faustus may be striking, but one is out for self-aggrandizement and personal gratification, the other a radical altruism.