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A city of southeast North Korea on the Sea of Japan east of Pyongyang. Opened to foreign trade in 1883, it is a major port and naval base.


(Placename) a port in SE North Korea, on the Sea of Japan (East Sea): oil refineries. Pop: 319 000 (2005 est)



a seaport in E North Korea. 350,000.
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North Korea had designated an extensive area near the port city of Wonsan as a no-navigation zone from Nov.
In one incident, a North Korean ferry sank off the coastal city of Wonsan, killing 129 people.
North Korea launched what were believed to be short-range "KN-01" missiles for 26 minutes from 4:21 pm (0721 GMT) Sunday from its Wonsan area, a major port on the North's east coast, according to the Seoul-based Yonhap News Agency.
The North fired three KN-01 missiles from its Eastern border town of Wonsan onto Mayang Island (in the East Sea) between 4:21 p.
Some of the featuring exhibitors include Chilsung Shipyard, a shipbuilding company founded in Wonsan, North Korea in the 1940's.
He is lamenting the fact that in a four-hundred-square-mile area off Wonsan, North Korea, an extensive minefield, a mix of some three thousand Soviet 1904- and 1908-vintage moored mines and more modern magnetic-influence bottom mines, had been keeping a 250-ship amphibious task force at bay.
X Corps, to which George Company belonged, reloaded its transports and prepared for a second amphibious assault at Wonsan on North Korea's east coast.
It is near the naval base Wonsan so you must, of course, be blindfolded at all times
Fox News reported the missiles were fired from Wonsan on the North's east coast.
au, the hotel concept is part of a development project for the region around Wonsan, on the country's east coast.
The port city of Wonsan on the east coast of the country is the subject of the plans, according to a report in state-run The Pyongyang Times .
Later, he became the main figure of the Wonsan Revival Movement, which I will explain in detail in a short while.