ultraviolet lamp

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Noun1.ultraviolet lamp - any source of illumination that emits ultraviolet radiationultraviolet lamp - any source of illumination that emits ultraviolet radiation
mercury-vapor lamp - ultraviolet lamp that emits a strong bluish light (rich in ultraviolet radiation) as electric current passes through mercury vapor
source of illumination - any device serving as a source of visible electromagnetic radiation
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An additional tool to aid in diagnosis is the use of a Wood's light. The lesions of PMH characteristically show punctiform orangered follicular fluorescence when exposed to a Wood's light, indicating the presence of a porphyrin-producing organism, presumably P.
Diagnosis can generally be made clinically and confirmed by the golden yellow fluorescence of lesions on Wood's light examination.
Friedlander advises that a history and Wood's light exam can offer earlier clues.
By using Wood's light examination melasma can be classified into four types (1-Epidermal, 2Dermal, 3-Mixed and 4-Indeterminate).