Natalie Wood

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Noun1.Natalie Wood - United States film actress (1938-1981)
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Last year's Astutis team, front row from left, Paul Thomas, Steve Terry, Adam Cooper, Mike Terry; middle |row with banner Mark Lewis, Colin Wood, Natalie Robinson, Sian Thomas, Helen Hodges, Simon Hodges; back row, Tom Lea, James Ravenhill, Mike Jones, Diane Fisher, Bren Moore, Leanne Moore, Jo King, David Bryan and Nichola Bell.
THE STARS: Steve Buscemi, Miranda Richardson, Juliette Binoche, Nick Nolte, Elijah Wood, Natalie Portman, Gerard Depardieu.
Pictured are (back, from left) Lorraine Wood, Natalie Tully, Hannah Mosley and Lizzie Gunson; (middle row) Jenna-Leigh Haley, Anna Pyrah and Brooke Reed; (front) Diane Robinson and Sammy Williams.