Wood apple

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(Bot.) See Elephant apple, under Elephant.

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Addressing a press briefin, he said the relationship between the UNP and the SLFP is gradually becoming similar to that of an elephant and a wood apple.
BEL JUICE Bel or wood apple is the best fruit for Delhi summers.
On per vaginal examination, a hard foreign body is felt in the vagina probably wood apple.
After a few cups of authentic Sri Lankan tea, I found my way to a stall that was offering wood apple juice.
Wood apple is common name for several trees with edible fruits and may refer to Aeglemarmellos or Limomiaacidissima, is a native of Bangladesh, India or Pakistan (4).
There were fig trees, lychee, mango, custard apple and wood apple.
But with wood apple juice-- a thick drink made of Wood apple, mashed with milk and sugar, one need not worry too much.