Wood apple

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(Bot.) See Elephant apple, under Elephant.

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Founded by Tang Ekkhung, whose restaurant Sek Meas became a household name in Kampong Cham province, Khting Vor Cafe serves unusual but healthy drinks made from unusual tropical fruits including canistel, wood apple and jambolan.
The produced saplings of mango, jackfruit, orange, 'segun', 'baukul', 'apple kul', mahogany, 'babla', flowers, cinnamon, cardamom, guava, 'amloki', strawberry, grapes, litchi, black berry, 'jamrul', wood apple, pomegranate, 'shilkorai', 'shishu', 'neem', 'sajina', coconut and cane 'golap jam' are on the best sales, reports BSS.
Some examples of such foods are Indian gooseberry, wood apple, cherry plum, beleric fruit, pomegranate, apple, dates, garlic, asparagus, lotus, dry ginger, tender wild meat, milk, nuts and legumes.
Rather than use this opportunity to start building envy for the fancy new object that will show up on those blonde wood Apple Store tables this fall, the company might actually have gotten you to like the devices you already have just a little more.
Addressing a press briefin, he said the relationship between the UNP and the SLFP is gradually becoming similar to that of an elephant and a wood apple.
BEL JUICE Bel or wood apple is the best fruit for Delhi summers.
On per vaginal examination, a hard foreign body is felt in the vagina probably wood apple. Under spinal anesthesia foreign body is removed, which is a hard fruit botanically named as Aegle marmelos, commonly called as bili fruit in bengali and maredu fruit in telugu and bilva fruit in sanskrit.
"Wood apple (Bel) juice are also given to them to clean their stomach and they undergo regular deworming exercise," said Khan.
The literature survey revealed that the wood apple (Feronia acidissima) contains polar functional groups such as alcoholic, carboxylic, and ether [25].
In this work, we fabricated an epoxy composite using a new natural filler material, that is, wood apple shell particulate, because particulate reinforced polymer composites are very attractive due to the ease of manufacturing and mould ability.
Bael (wood apple) and rose sherbet, lemonade, mintade, m panna, barley or chana sattoo, jeera-hing lassi, smoothies, kokum water, thandai, litchi juice, jamun juice, cucumber and mint soup and camomile tea are some great summer coolers.
With such a belief, devotees are thronging the temple to offer bael patri (wood apple leaves), milk, curd, Ghee (traditional Indian clarified butter) and honey," said Tej Prakash Sharma, a priest.