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Above our heads is a double ogive vault, panelled with wood carving, painted azure, and sown with golden fleurs-de-lis; beneath our feet a pavement of black and white marble, alternating.
In Lucerne, too, the wood carvings of other sorts, which had been so pleasant to look upon when one saw them occasionally at home, soon began to fatigue us.
Bits of old wood carvings from the pulpit, and panels from the chancel, and images from the organ-loft," said the clerk.
He gained the bridge and returned to the north shore, where he remembered having seen in one of the narrower streets a little obscure shop stocked with cheap wood carvings, its walls lined with extremely dirty cardboard-bound volumes of a small circulating library.
His wood carving is part of an exhibition called the "Young Star Craftsmen Exhibition" organized by the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute that displays handicraft pieces by young Taiwanese artists from a variety of disciplines.
More various components of a plant would represent the common images depicted on the wood carving of the vernacular ventilation panels.
Wood carving, ferret racing and livestock were among the other attractions, alongside, of course, the beer tent.
The prince was given a tour of Durbar Square in the heart of the Nepalese capital city's old town, and even tried his hand at wood carving restoration work.
Gifts, Christmas carols, festive foodie delights and calligraphy and wood carving demonstrations were all on offer during the two-day event.
Wiebe's enthusiasm for his subject and his clear directions are perfect for bare-bones newcomers to whittling and wood carving, making this a standout and a first experience pick.
Mang Roberto's sentiments are strong not just because of the income woodcarvers like him derive from raw wood, but because his group hopes that the government can do something to keep the culture of wood carving alive.
5 ( ANI ): Artisans in Kashmir are making efforts to revive traditional wood carving, and are now hopeful that this business would soon pick up.