Wood dove

(Zool.) the stockdove.

See also: Wood

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Claudia Mahnke's Wood Dove is serviceable but unimaginatively phrased: listen to Brigitte Fassbaender (for Chailly) and hear a different level of vocal acting.
Reviewing an 1899 concert conducted by Gustav Mahler that included Strauss's Aus Italien and Dvorak's The Wood Dove, Hanslick concluded that the latter was unfortunately the more programmatic of the two; however, in Larkin's words, Hanslick compared The Wood Dove to "a fair prisoner chained to guards and constrained to follow their path" (p.
When work carried me far beyond, Stephen my little wood dove,
The same concert will also feature Dvorak's The Wood Dove, the first piece former Liverpool College pupil and ex-Merseyside Youth Orchestra player Sir Simon, now 54, directed in Liverpool when still a teenager.
The same concert will also feature Dvorak's The Wood Dove - the first piece former Liverpool College pupil Rattle, now 54, directed in Liverpool when barely out of his teens.
The real surprise, though, was discovering Harnoncourt's interpretation of the tone poem "The Wild Dove" (alternatively translated as "The Wood Dove").
Dvorak's symphonic poem The Wood Dove launched the main programme.
Nor does The Song of the Wood Dove from Gurrelieder sung by Jennifer Lane, who is also the soloist in the exotic song cycle the Book of the Hanging Gardens.
Disc two contains five overtures--"My Home," "Hustska," "Amid Nature," "Carnival," and "Othello"--plus the symphonic poem "The Water Goblin." Disc three gives us three more poems--"The Noonday Witch," "The Golden Spinning Wheel," and "The Wood Dove"--plus the Symphonic Variations on an Original Theme.
It was an interesting idea to have a woman Speaker, Barbara Sukowa reminding us how soon Schoenberg would be composing Pierrot Lunaire, and Monica Groop sang enchantingly as the Wood Dove, but with diminished sense of the significance of its message.
The former's tone poem The Wood Dove was a late work, a huge, sumptuous creation not far removed from the New World Symphony.
It includes Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture, Mozart's A major Piano Concerto with Ivan Moravec and Dvorak's The Wood Dove and Praga by Suk.