Wood engraver

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An engraver on wood.
(Zool.) Any of several species of small beetles whose larvæ bore beneath the bark of trees, and excavate furrows in the wood often more or less resembling coarse engravings; especially, Xyleborus xylographus.

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This rule established, I went to a friend whom I had known in former days--a wood engraver in large practice--to seek for employment, telling him, at the same time, that I had reasons for wishing to remain unknown.
Alongside the etchers and engravers, the Grosvenor School of Modern Art, a private art school established in 1925 by wood engraver Iain Macnab, pioneered the new technique of linoleum cutting.
"The emergence of this original sketchbook by the superlative wood engraver Thomas Bewick, lost to sight for almost 90 years, is a significant event.
We are all by this donation Kim Reynolds, children's Newcastle Rare titles include a copy of Mother Goose's Melody, an early nursery rhyme book, with illustrations by Newcastle wood engraver Thomas Bewick, and a copy of Gammer Gurton's Garland, a collection "of Pretty Songs and Verses for the Amusement of All Little Good Children Who Can Neither Read Nor Run".
As noted in the introduction by fellow expert wood engraver Barry Moser, the medium uses surgically sharp steel tools and is exacting and "unforgiving," rivaled in difficulty only by mezzotint or fresco.
Other inspirations behind some of his work include Folk Art, specifically the carvings decorating the inside of Plas Newydd, the home of The Ladies of Llangollen, and one of his favourite artists is 18th century wood engraver Thomas Bewick, Website: davidjonesartist.com At Gallery Two and Three until April 17: Mandy Coates who works within a noble tradition of basketmaking, rooted in time, place, and function.
This exhibition of the greatly loved and respected calligrapher, wood engraver, lettering artist and carver, Michael Renton coincided with the stepping down of Harriet Frazer from the Directorship of Memorials by Artists and the Lettering & Commemorative Arts Trust, of which Michael was such an important ally, and for whom he engraved a nameplate.
"I'm not claiming to be the first person to create Lucite trays, but combining them with original artwork plus monograms is something that we thought of when our wood engraver said that he could also engrave on Lucite," reveals Julia.
"I'd say the major influences in my work are my classical background (he was once a Latin teacher in an all-boys private school in Western Massachusetts), and my position as Curator of Mechanical Arts for Old Sturbridge Village before I retired.'' He also credits his wife, Patricia, a retired schoolteacher, with having influence on his designs, as well as an art teacher who was a master wood engraver and colleague where he taught school.