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Traditions steel doors feature a solid wood lock block for secure mounting of hardware, decorative glass options.
"We own the wood lock, stock and barrel and what we do with our property should be of no concern to those people who live nearby.
This system is similar to what is called a Swing Lock or Wood Lock, the latter named after custom knifemaker Barry Wood who patented this style lock and used it extensively in his knives back in the early 1970s.
TIPPERARY (SHL V LAOIS): G Kennedy, P Stapleton, P Curran, C O'Brien, E Corcoran, C O'Mahony, S Maher, J Wood lock, J Ceaser, D Hickey, S McGrath, P Kerwick, E Kelly, L Corbett, P Bourke
While Jagger's cavorting and eye-catching outfit changes caught the eye, I was locked onto the master craftsman of arguably the greatest guitar pairing in British music history as Ronnie Wood locked into his riffs and Keith Richards - still in love with the music pouring from his fingers after all these years.
Critique: Offering clear and illustrated step-by-step instructions, "The Big Book of Wooden Locks: Complete Plans for Nine Working Wooden Locks" will enable even the most novice of wood workers to turn out functioning wood locks. Combining fun and function, "The Big Book of Wooden Locks: Complete Plans for Nine Working Wooden Locks" is an ideal and enduringly popular addition to personal, professional, school wood shop, and community library woodworking instructional reference collections.
At Newcastle Crown Court, Judge David Wood locked Taylor up for seven years after taking into account his age and his guilty plea.
But unless the grown trees are harvested and the resulting wood locked up in some long-term use, these gains will stop.