Wood screw

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When the headboard is assembled, run a 21/2-inch wood screw into the bottom brace, arch and head posts, and through each tenon to secure the headboard.
What You Need: * 1-5" long piece of 1/2" PVC plastic water pipe * 2-7/16" long pieces of 1/2" wood dowel * 1-22 ohm resistor (available from Radio Shack, catalog #271-1103) * 1--super bright orange or red LED (available from Radio Shack, catalog #55050629) * 2--AAA batteries * 1--1" long #6 wood screw * 1--3/8" long #6 wood screw * #8 or #10 washer (small washer) * 8" length of #22 or smaller, stranded hookup wire (available from Radio Shack, catalog #55057523) * small piece of sponge or spongy, plastic packing material * electrical tape * picture-hanger wire (optional) * Radio Shack's web site: www.radioshack.com Making It
Then I drill out the primer pocket to accept a 1 1/2" wood screw. Cut a wood dowell that's just .38" diameter (trim so it fits in the cylinder holes) and about 3" long and drill out a hole to accept the screw.
Q When I have to drill a pilot hole for a wood screw in a specific spot, in a buttplate for example, I almost always end up with the screw too far to the right or left, up or down.
A strategically-placed screw hole accepts an additional wood screw to permanently attach it to the side panel.
Single shear steel plate to wood screw joints were tested to study the influence of screw diameter on lateral strength for load parallel to grain or perpendicular to grain.
A standard wood screw (10-12), a specialized screw for plastics (10-16), and two types of internally threaded inserts were used to evaluate the fastening properties of WFRP (Figs.
The kit consists of a factory magazine cap fitted with a swivel base; a 3/4" wood screw base for the buttstock; and two QD Super Swivels.
And if there is a timber frame, you might just need a wood screw. There should be enough clearance behind the board to avoid drilling into the Artex.
Step 7--The Mini DinoCase's sides are put together with four 1-1/2" #6 wood screws. After making a 3/32" pilot hole, use a wood screw to attach two of the sides together.
Also, I never advocated using a wood screw in the forend of a stock.