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(Zool.) The larva of any one of numerous species of boring beetles, esp. elaters, longicorn beetles, buprestidans, and certain weevils. See Apple borer, under Apple, and Pine weevil, under Pine.
The larva of any one of various species of lepidopterous insects, especially of the clearwing moths, as the peach-tree borer (see under Peach), and of the goat moths.
The larva of various species of hymenopterous of the tribe Urocerata. See Tremex.
Any one of several bivalve shells which bore in wood, as the teredos, and species of Xylophaga.
Any one of several species of small Crustacea, as the Limnoria, and the boring amphipod (Chelura terebrans).

See also: Wood, Wood, Wood, Wood, Wood

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Collecting woodboring beetle adults by turpentine and smoke.
Seasonal flight activities recorded for Agrilinae: Agrilini metallic woodboring beetle species collected across North Carolina (1901-2013) and Tennessee (1934-2013).
Explore the dead timber habitat along the path - you may find holes from woodboring beetles.
Regardless, since Jamerson's project, considerable monitoring efforts for woodboring beetles have been undertaken across portions of Tennessee.
Certain species of woodboring beetles, such as the mountain pine beetle and pinon beetles, are native to lower-altitude forest regions.
Traps were set at sites that are believed to have risk for the introduction of exotic invasive bark, jewel, and woodboring beetles. Twenty exotic invasive bark, jewel, and woodboring beetles that threaten Indiana natural resources were targeted in this survey that will continue in 2005 (Table 1).
It's his job to distinguish this new pest from hundreds of other related native woodboring beetles.