Wooden ware

a general name for buckets, bowls, and other articles of domestic use, made of wood.

See also: Wooden

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Those months that might once have been spent building new wooden ware, repairing old equipment, visiting friends or taking a nap are now--round 'em up, sort 'em out and get 'em on the semis to California.
It appears to have been made by American Wooden Ware Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Laub, too, is introducing a woodenware shape this summer, a wide wooden spatula under the Wooden Ware USA brand.
The Scottish wooden ware souvenir manufacturers went into overdrive as public demand developed.
By 1895, under the direction of Elisha Smith, the company we now know as Menasha Corporation became the world's largest manufacturer of turned wooden ware.
Beech is also used in musical instruments, toys, sports equipment, shoe heels, tool handles and wooden ware.
Imbuia is also a popular choice for sculpture, carving and turnery and is used to make specialty items such as handles and wooden ware.
And what better time to work on your wooden ware than during the cold days and dark evenings of winter.
He worked with New England Wooden Ware in Gardner for 40 years, retiring on August 28, 1998.
The forerunners were simple turned wooden wares, more, properly called treen, which were often painted or decorated with applied printed paper labels or printed views.
These goods mainly include farm produce , mineral products , leather , stone material , textiles and garments mechanical accessories base metals , and wooden wares .
* BIG SUCCESS: Organisers Chris Johns and Petra Baresova (JH290311Fgreen-04) * WOODEN WARES: Jan Moss, of Enchanted Wood, at her stall at the festival (JH290311Fgreen-02)